Railroad Worker Injuries

Representation in Louisiana and Throughout all 48 Contiguous U.S. States

Have you been injured on the job? Are you unsure about the next steps you should take after the accident? Do you need guidance from a skilled lawyer to help you make your claim successful? The lawyers at Rome, Arata, Baxley & Stelly, LLC, proudly represent injured railroad workers. We will help you get the compensation and medical benefits that you and your family deserve.

Our firm is focused entirely on handling railroad injury and personal injury claims. We are familiar with the complexities involved in these claims, know how to easily overcome challenges, and make it a priority to stay up to date with changes and new legislation. At Rome, Arata, Baxley & Stelly, LLC, we know the law.

Types of Worker Injuries

We stand ready to represent you, if you have sustained one or more of the following types of injuries:

  • Push/pull injuries
  • Lifting injuries
  • Shoulder/arm/hand injuries
  • Leg/knee/ankle injuries
  • Upper body injuries
  • Lower body injuries
  • Broken bones
  • Burns
  • Head injuries
  • Neck injuries
  • Back injuries
  • Amputation
  • Catastrophic injuries
  • Wrongful death

Federal Employers Liability Act (FELA) Railroad Injury Claims

Railroad accidents occur for many reasons, but mostly due to the railroad's failure to provide a reasonably safe place to work. This can include defective equipment (which includes hand brakes, switches, grab irons, handholds, sill steps, drawbars, air hoses, uncoupling levers, along with holes, ruts and depressions in the ballast roadbed where employees must work.) Accidents and injuries may also occur due to crossing accidents, derailments, hard or unexpected coupling accidents during switching moves, accidents resulting from remote control issues, vegetation, debris and hazardous walking conditions, faulty communications, unsafe track equipment, improperly loaded vehicles; unsafe lifting/hoisting practices and violations of safety or operating rules.

It is important to know that your interests and the railroad's interests are not aligned. In order to protect your interests, it is critical that you seek help from an experienced attorney who has a successful track record in handling FELA claims. Immediately after a work accident, the railroad has an experienced claims agent and will also hire an aggressive defense attorney who will begin protecting its interests. Likewise, a lawyer at Rome, Arata, Baxley & Stelly, LLC will take immediate action in investigating the accident and gathering evidence and expert testimonial to support your claim.

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If you have been injured on the job, it is important to retain the services of an experienced lawyer. At Rome, Arata, Baxley & Stelly, LLC, you can count on our proven track record in helping injured railroad workers.

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