Federal Railroad Statutes

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After an on-the-job accident, there are a number of different steps that an individual must take. Seeking medical attention and retaining legal representation are two of the most important steps. It is the job of your attorney to know the federal railroad statutes and protect your rights. When you work with our firm, you can be at ease knowing that a knowledgeable attorney will be handling your case — from start to finish.

Rome, Arata, Baxley & Stelly, LLC, represents injured workers in FELA claims throughout Louisiana and all across the U.S. We have more than 70 years of combined legal experience between our five attorneys, and we have a proven track record in helping injured railroad workers. Our team is committed to providing strong advocacy and will work to make certain that you get the financial compensation that you deserve for your injury or loss.

Federal Rail Safety Act (FRSA)/Whistleblower Protection Locomotive Inspection Act

The FRSA is designed to provide protection for railroad employees who report illegal/unlawful activities or hazardous conditions or safety issues. If you have reported such incidents and are experiencing an adverse action such as a demotion, lowering of hours, lowering of wages, or if you have been fired — you can bring a claim. The lawyers at our firm frequently represent railroad workers in these types of claims.

Locomotive Inspection Act

Federal regulations require railroads to keep all locomotives and parts of locomotives at a standard where they are safe to operate without unnecessary peril to life or limb. This act applies only to locomotives and does not involve other equipment such as freight cars, tank cars or intermodal cars. If you have been injured on a locomotive because of defective equipment or an unsafe condition, our attorneys can help you bring a claim. We can help you recover monetary damages for all damages and injuries that you have suffered.

Safety Appliance Act

There are federal statutes that mandate safety compliance for railroads, which covers all types of cars other than locomotives. Safety compliance involves matters having to do with the braking systems (including the air brakes, air hoses and hand brakes), uncoupling levers, pins and drawbars, grab irons/handholds and other types of safety equipment. This act places a duty on the railroad to ensure that all its railroad cars are properly equipped with all required safety appliances. If an accident occurs resulting in an injury because of a missing or defective safety appliance, you may be able to recover compensation for all of your losses.

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