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Serious train accidents such as derailments occur when something has gone wrong, or when another person or party has acted negligently. If you or a family member has been involved in a railroad accident, it is a smart idea to seek counsel from a lawyer immediately. Retaining legal representation from an experienced attorney will ensure that you get the compensation and benefits that you deserve.

Rome, Arata, Baxley & Stelly, LLC, is an established law firm that represents railroad workers and other people who have been injured in railroad accidents. Our team of attorneys has more than 70 years of combined experience, much of which has been dedicated to representing injured victims in railroad accidents. We are knowledgeable of the industry and have gained a reputation for providing aggressive, high-quality legal services.

Derailments: How and Why Do They Occur?

Derailments occur under a few main circumstances: Most derailments occur when something is defective with the track or roadbed or the railroad equipment travelling over it. Sometimes, a railroad track inspector fails to properly detect a defect during an inspection or the railroad fails to maintain its tracks and equipment properly. Other examples of why derailments occur include:

  • Defective wheel flanges on the train's railroad cars
  • Broken rails
  • Bad cross ties
  • Drainage and roadbed problems
  • Debris on the railroad tracks
  • Improperly maintained switches
  • Worn or defective switch points, guard rails or frogs
  • Collisions with other equipment or crossing accidents
  • Obstructions in the railroad Right of Way

Injuries to Railroad Employees

When accidents occur that involve railroad employees, the railroad will conduct an investigation of the accident almost immediately. Railroad companies will try to do everything possible to reduce their responsibility for the accident. As an employee, it is important to retain legal counsel immediately to ensure that your rights are protected. At our firm, we will prepare you to answer questions and start preparing your claim as if it were to go to trial.

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