New Orleans Tourist Injuries Lawyers

What do you do when you or a family member suffers a serious injury while on vacation? Being away from home makes everything more difficult. From getting medical treatment to finding a lawyer, it is hard to know where to turn.

You can rely on Rome, Arata, Baxley & Stelly, LLC, in New Orleans for representation from experienced attorneys. We represent injured tourists and their families. If your injury was caused by another party's negligence, we will work diligently to recover the compensation you need for losses such as medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

Car Accidents, Hotel Accidents And Pool Accidents

Tourists often suffer injuries or wrongful death in incidents such as:

Generally, vehicle accidents and premises liability accidents are the most common causes of tourist injuries. Premises liability includes issues such as slip-and-fall or trip-and-fall accidents, being hit by a falling object or other accidents on another party's property. Inadequate or negligent security may also result in serious or fatal injuries to tourists. Hotels and motels are common sites of physical assault, sexual assault and robbery due to a lack of security.

We can assist you with any serious injury claim, from broken bones to brain injuries and drowning. Our compassionate New Orleans tourist injury lawyers understand the stress and frustration of suffering an injury when you are far from home. We are dedicated to ensuring you understand your rights and are able to collect the maximum compensation you are allowed under the law.

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